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LD9 Series 7 Bluetooth Smartwatch-Bluetooth Call, Heart Rate


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  •  Voice calls
  •  Heart rate
  •  Blood pressure
  •  Blood oxygen
  •  Sleep monitoring
  •  Custom watch face
  •  Menstrual testing
  •  Smart split screen display

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This smart watch comes with a lot features such as
-Making calls -Picking calls too from the connected phone through it-Check phonebook(contact list)-Call logs ( missed calls, dial calls, and also received calls )
It can also serve as an health tracking device  because it has the ability to-Read blood pressure -Read the heart rate-Check and calories Ad also count steps 
It can also serve as a notifying device for some of the app on the connected phone (apps like)-Facebook-WhatsApp -Instagram -TwitterAnd also Gmail too. etc 
It has some amazing features like-Wallpaper choice display-Alarm-Stopwatch -Thermometer-music player-Camera
-find phone 

One of the amazing fact about this watch is that it comes with an extra  STRAP

First, Supports both Android and IOS. However, the adaptation platform supports Version 4.2and above for Androids*

Bluetooth BT4.0

Second, preparation before use For the first time, please make sure that the Smart Watch is fully charged. If the Watch cannot be turned on, please charge it first.

Third, APP download method Generally, you can download the Android app by search “HryFine” In the app market (Google Playstore or Apple Store) the QR code, and the IOS version can download by scan th QR code Fourth, the use of binding • Press and hold the Hand Ring touch button to turn on the phone, please make sure the phone is Bluetooth enabled (Android needs to turn on GPS)

  • Open “APP” on the mobile phone – click the button on the front page, or go to the device interface to search for the devi After searching for the device, select the MAC string that matches the Hand Ring
  •  After the “Bluetooth Request Pairing” reminder APPears on the Hand Ring, long press the touch button to connect to the APP. Five, Hand Ring operation
  • When the bracelet is successfully connected, the date and time of the mobile phone will be automatically synchronized.
  • APP can synchronize the movement data of the bracelet, such as: heart rate, blood pressure, blood oxygen, step, sleep and other data
  •  Function list: home page, status, heart rate measurement, sports mode, Information, more functions
  • Sports mode: running, skipping, sit-ups, long press to confirm function / cancel
  •  More functions: Do not disturb mode, music playback, stopwatch, find mobile phone, long press to confirm function / cancel
  •  Information list: View the message pushed by the mobile phone
  • More functions: remote control camera, find mobile phone, main page style switch, restore factory settings, APP download QR code, shutdown, MAC address Six, Hand Ring operation • Home: Display time, date, battery step data, etc.
  • Step by step: Count your step data for the day, clear the data
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